Hawk’s Tavern Warm Mushroom Salad Recipe

01 warm mushroom salad Chef Safir Rezzoug

Every now and then, I challenge myself to eat foods I do not enjoy. Mushrooms, for example. As a restaurant critic, I have now eaten the warm mushroom salad at Hawk’s Tavern twice, the first time as a personal challenge, the second because I liked it so much the first time around (and they kept in on the menu after a chef transition). Score one for the mushroom challenge.

Though Hawk’s Tavern closed in late 2012, chef Safir Rezzoug kindly sent over his recipe for this gorgeous salad. Consider this recipe as an excuse to buy some petite oven pans. Hunt for foraged mushrooms at the farmer’s market. Perfect your poaching skills.

Please note that this recipe is minimally edited and comes straight from the chef who created it. Experiment with the flavors to make the salad your own. (P.S. In the photo, the egg yolk is not oozing. For dramatic color, make a small slit in the poached egg just after plating.)

Bon appétit!

Warm Mushroom Salad
Recipe for 2 to 4 guests
Recipe courtesy of Safir Rezzoug, Executive Chef at Hawk’s Tavern, Mill Valley

6 oz shimeji mushroom
6 oz king trumpet mushroom
6 oz oyster mushroom
1 bunch watercress
4 eggs
2 Yukon gold potatoes
6 teaspoons raspberry vinegar
6 Tablespoons olive oil
3 Tablespoons salt
Sauce Verde
1 Tablespoon garlic (chop very fine)
2 Tablespoons shallot (chop very fine)
2 Tablespoons chive (slice very fine)
2 Tablespoons Italian parsley (slice very fine)
2 Tablespoons tarragon (slice very fine)
10 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon salt


1- Roasted mushrooms
– Clean and cut the mushrooms any size you prefer but not too small, 1/2 ounces minimum.
*(DO NOT put the mushrooms in water because it will absorb it. Use a wet towel and gently clean the mushrooms).
– Separate the mushrooms by type in 3 different pans specific for oven.
– In each pan add 2 Tablespoons olive oil, 2 teaspoons raspberry vinegar and mix the mushrooms gently, add the 1 Tablespoon of salt in the end.
– Pre-heat the oven at 350°F. Roast the mushrooms between 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of mushrooms.

2-Poached eggs (half cook)
– Put water in the pan 1 ounce higher than the eggs, and bring to boil.
– Add the egg when the water boils and let cook for 7 minutes
– After 7 minutes, put the eggs in ice water, let cool down for 3 minutes,
*(we want the eggs be warm not cold) and take out the shell gently.

3-Crispy potato
– Slice the Yukon gold potato, in long and fine size, like strings.
– Pre-heat the fryer at 175°F with light colored canola oil.
– Make a little ball with the strings of potato and fry it.
*(The idea is to dry the potato with no coloration, for that we need to keep the temperature of the oil between 175°F and 185°F.
Use a spoon to keep the potatoes round like ball when fry it. The texture has to be very crispy.

4-Salsa Verde
– Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl (Italian parley, chive, tarragon, garlic, shallot, olive oil extra virgin and salt).
Make sure all the ingredients are cut to the same size for a good consistency and better taste.

5-Plating the salad (Refer to the photo)
– Use a curved plate, display the mushrooms in the middle of the plate (mountain like)
– Make a hole in the middle of the mushrooms and place the poached eggs.
– Add the Salsa Verde on top of the mushrooms and on top of the egg (not too much, just enough for taste)
– Display the watercress nicely around the eggs. *(Remember it’s a mushroom salad, we have to have more mushrooms than
– Display the crispy potato on top of the egg with a pinch of salt.

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