Product Review: Addictive Coffee

What Is It?

Addictive Coffee Roasters started in Mike Ralls’ garage in San Rafael’s Terra Linda neighborhood before moving to a hangar in Lucas Valley. The beans are sustainably grown and ethically-sourced Arabica. I sampled the Steady Decaffeinated Colombia for drip coffeemakers (I’ve got a cone) and the Steady Decaffeinated Columbia Single Serve Steeped Packs.

How Does It Taste?

a bag of Addictive Coffee next to a coffee mug with a lobster on it

Aroma is half of the coffee experience and Addictive has warm notes of winter spices, notably cinnamon but a hint of something edgier, like cardamon. The cupping notes say the coffee contains notes of hibiscus, cinnamon and coconut and the delicate, fruity aromas immediately reminded me of a Hawaiian breeze. A rounded, tropical sweetness, if you will.

On the palate, the Colombian style came across as caffeinated coffee’s mellower cousin. You know – the one who quietly waits on the couch until you are ready to see them for what they are. This is not a punch in the face style but a more chill, NorCal brand of coffee. It speaks softly. It might even have less acid which may explain why my gut feels ok after drinking a cup or two. It feels suited to this place I call home. 

Steady Single Serve Steeped Packs

Tea-bagged coffee, each serving in its own waterproof sachet, is ideal for camping or using in your hotel room for that first must-have cup.  The aroma wafting off the cup was fruity and bold. On the palate, it, too, exhibited a softness of style that I attribute to its Colombian provenance. Steady on the palate, steady on your heart rate.

In Sum

Fresh coffees with a mellow, fruity character. Recommend.