Mint Plaza Redux – What’s New and Happening Now

Mint Plaza Redux –  What’s New and Happening Now San Francisco’s Mint Plaza, that L-shaped wedge of open space behind the old Mint Building at the corner of 5th and Mission, is bustling once again with restaurants, food trucks and events. Just steps away from the Westfield Center and Union Square, Mint Plaza is a […]

San Francisco’s taste for the flavors of the Southeast Asia shows no signs of slowing. New restaurants bring the food of Guam and Sri Lanka to the city while an established restaurant defines the food of Indonesia in elegant style. 1601 Bar & Kitchen Neighborhood: San Francisco, SOMA Located on a quiet stretch of Howard Street, […]

Burger Week 2016 is still six months away, but San Francisco’s appetite for burgers cannot be confined to a small parcel of days. With beef under pressure from water conservationists, the new “it” burgers in town defy the drought by skipping the beef entirely. Let’s call them alterna-burgers (veggie burgers are so 1989) for they […]