About the Coffee at Tiburon’s Malibu Farm (Hint: It’s Good)

I had never heard of Caffe Luxxe before a recent dinner at Tiburon’s Malibu Farm. A Malibu-based brand with coffee shops around SoCal and elsewhere, the coffee roaster also sells coffee to fellow Malibu-based brand, Malibu Farm. After a full meal, I still managed to drink three cups, the coffee whispering sweet nothings and creamy flavor as it glided across my palate. What was this coffee? I had to know more.

(Sidebar: what is someone from Malibu called? Malibuian?)

Malibu Farm’s Artisanal Coffee

latte and a bag of Caffe Luxxe coffee on the patio at Tiburon's Malibu Farm restaurant

Situated in NorCal as I am, my first exposure to Malibu Farm’s artisanal coffee was last week in Tiburon when I had a cup of decaf drip coffee after dinner.  There is a smooth, creamy character to the coffee blend, a distinct aromatic profile that was at once zesty and sweet, with a noticeable softness on the palate. I attributed this to a gentler roasting process and an insistence that freshly roasted coffee yields the best flavor in the cup.

Upon inquiring of the brand, I learned that the coffee sold at Malibu Farm is custom-made for the restaurants in what they call a “classic Northern Italian style” roast.  There’s a twist, though. Inspired by Malibu Farm founder Helene Henderson, the blend available hints of sweet praline with a subtle cranberry finish, a nod to Henderson’s Swedish heritage.

Is Malibu Farm’s the Best Coffee in Tiburon?

Call it Swedish-Italian coffee, if you like. It’s one smooth character, a pleasure to sip and savor while sitting in the streetside café or on one of the restaurant’s bayside patios. It may even inspire an L.A. road trip to visit the original Caffe Luxxe.

Is it the best coffee in Tiburon? The only way to know for sure is to try it and the coffee from every other restaurant and coffee shop in town. If you do, drop me a note to share your results.

two lattes in cups on the patio at Tiburon's Malibu Farm