Product Review for Mr. Espresso: Single Serve Coffee

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Mr. Espresso Single-Serve sachets simplify coffee.

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How does it Taste?

Steeped is a new single-serve coffee from Mr. Espresso using Seven Bridges, a blend dedicated to the unique character of the people of the San Francisco Bay Area. The new product simplifies the traditional process of making a pour over or French press coffee with its single serve, eco-friendly bag that can be steeped like tea.  It is designed for placement in a cup to which boiling water is added.

I tasted (or “cupped”) my morning (and mid-morning and late morning) coffee with consistent results: a full-bodied coffee, nearly creamy on the palate. I noticed a subtle aroma of smoke from the beans’ turn over oak wood but it did not overpower the soft, sweet aromatics or flavor of the beans. While I would not call coffee without added sugar “sweet,” this espresso’s sweet character seemed more aligned with my experience of cold brew coffees, a little clingy, a little sweet, but in a good way.

Single Serve Benefits

It’s a single serve coffee without the fuss of a machine.

Camping Coffee

I have a coffee machine and am not inclined to make single serve coffee my everyday experience. But, if I am on the road, I would readily tuck one of the sealed, sachet-holding envelopes into my travel bag. This cup of creamy goodness would upgrade hotel room coffee in a snap. I’m also adding a case of eight sachets into my camping provisions. This coffee would be most excellent around a campfire, the toasty aromas aligned with the environment.

*I received a free sample of this product.