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sugar-free snack bars from BTR Bars

Sugar-free snack bars from B.T.R. Bars are keto, vegan, gluten-free and paleo with adaptogens and monk fruit.

highclere castle london dry gin

This is not a review of London Dry Gin; it is my musings on which London Dry gin is easiest to use in cocktails.

single serve coffee

Mr. Espresso simplifies coffee with its single serve coffee. Place a sachet in a mug, then pour in boiling water for a creamy cup of joe.

best healthy snacks for kids

Product Review for 12 Tides: Organic Kelp Snacks


Words coined during the Age of Corona. Or maybe not…

date night takeout from madcap marin

In my house, we have new rituals around ordering in, supporting the places we usually visit as a family after baseball games or for a change of pace from home cooking. But those restaurants differ from what I might choose for an adults-only date night with my partner or a special dinner out. For our […]

order take out not delivery

With delivery services like UberEats and DoorDash charging restaurants 25–30% per order and a delivery fee to consumers on top of that, restaurants are hanging their hat on delivery as an unsustainable stop-gap to pay some of the bills and maintain supplier relationships. Using Dine-In Marin is a better solution or pick-up.

Cookbook Review: SUPERFOODS by Julie Montagu

We can all use more superfoods in our lives, foods densely packed with nutrients that power us up and fuel our busy days. For her first cookbook, SUPERFOODS, author Julie Montagu posits that we can all benefit from flexible eating while following some very basic principles of eating to feel great. Sounds great. Let’s get […]