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Café Strega, Plymouth, MA My husband, Bill and I recently visited Plymouth, Mass. About an hour south of Boston on the way to Cape Cod, this is not a city known for its culinary landmarks. However we found a wonderful romantic Italian restaurant overlooking the Brewster Gardens, Café Strega. The service was just right and […]

As you can see in my post just below this one, I recently wrote about the El Dorado Kitchen (EDK) at the Sonoma Inn for Edible Marin and Wine Country magazine. A forager of edible flowers I am but I had never tried day lily or purslane and very much wanted to. Today, I gathered […]

Published by Edible Marin and Wine Country magazine, Summer 2010 The farmer’s market at this time of year offers a stunning array of summer’s abundance. The sheer quantity and variety of fresh and ripe vegetables and fruits on display is a joy for anyone who loves to cook. But oh! The basil you planted a […]

I am someone with more than one food intolerance (not technically allergic, but can’t properly digest gluten, eggs, dairy and pineapple). For special celebrations, I do not look for the most romantic or most trendy spot in town. Instead, I look for a place that is focused on the food. If the kitchen understands food, […]

Back again? So soon after your recent visit? A visit to the nearby Discovery Museum brought me back to Farley Bar, this time with sister-in-law, nephew and my 18-month old son in tow. With no spots available on the porch, we opted to sit in the bar ~ a great choice with noisy kids as […]

Bought a 250 ml bottle of Nash’s Manzanillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the San Rafael Farmer’s Market this week. First trial was over GF pasta, beans, tomatoes and Kalamata olives with flaked tuna. While some oils disappear into the background, this manzanillo was front and center with a distinct snap of pepper and a […]