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Let’s Eat Out review Celiacs are not often at a loss for words. But when traveling overseas, where the words are in another language, even the most resilient, out-spoken self-health advocate can hesitate to ask for what they need. And every celiac and allergen-sensitive eater knows that eating out without a translator can mean serious […]

Have you been apple picking lately? Got a bunch of random apples sitting on your counter, waiting to be eaten? This recipe is for you. Ugly apples, slightly bitter apples, apples with one bite taken out of them can be easily disguised by baking them. Plus, baking softens the hard edge of a strong-flavored fruit. […]

This is the unedited version of the review that was posted to the IJ earlier this week: Greenbrae It is not every day that you enter a restaurant where the host is also the chef and sommelier. At Bistro Vis à vis, you will find Soo Young Kim bustling about this 30-seat restaurant and […]

Marin cheeses – from unknown to globally recognized

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she must eat some cheese. Lucky for me, that time came over Thanksgiving weekend. True, I cooked a lighter Thanksgiving meal this year (no butter-soaked sweet potatoes, no green bean casserole with Campbell’s mushroom soup), which left ample room for dairy-based treats. With a stash of […]

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, egg-free and can be made vegan Don’t tell your wheat-eating friends that you made it gluten-free – they will never know the difference. My Mom takes out the mushrooms and adds in the equivalent amount of prunes or apricots. My Dad likes diced pancetta or pork sausage* instead of the mushrooms. You decide. […]

Organized by color because, well, why not? Pink Pink is the new white. For salt, that is.  Peruvian and Himalayan salt is moving in on fleur de sel, sel gris and any other trendy-yet-ancient salts. Witness Moonstruck Chocolates and CC Made Caramels, among others.     Red Red velvet: Stonewall Kitchen, which produces the Barefoot Contessa […]

There comes a time in every chef’s life when writing a cookbook becomes almost inevitable. Chef Heidi Krahling, whose San Anselmo restaurant Insalata’s is now a fixture of the local restaurant scene, self-published her first cookbook, Insalata’s Mediterranean Table in late 2009. Filled to the brim with her customer’s favorite recipes, Insalata’s Mediterranean Table is […]

Mesa restaurant, Zurich

In Switzerland for the summer and a once-in-a-decade opportunity came our way. My sister-in-law took my 20-month old for an overnight stay on June 19, giving my husband and I the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely dinner and late-night drinks on the town. My husband made a reservation at a place called Mesa – he […]